Claire Cowan: The Sleeping Keeper

“The Sleeping Keeper is inspired by a theme I originally wrote for a devised play called 'The Keepers', set in a lighthouse, which explores ideas of solitude and the interior headspace created by the passing of time in isolation. The piece conjures a milky dreamscape, the constant movement of water, quivering shadows; the blurring of time and memory into a present moment unsure of its place in reality. The theme was originally written on ukulele, and the adaptation and expansion of the idea into a full harp rendition gives the piece a beautiful sense of depth and darkness, evocative of the ever expansive night ocean.”
Claire Cowan is a composer and performer based in Auckland. She studied composition at University of Auckland and since graduating with Honours in 2006 has pursued a career in music for concert, film and theatre. Claire is an experienced orchestrator and symphonic writer, having worked with many of New Zealand’s leading orchestras. Claire’s music has been performed in the USA, New Zealand, Europe, Japan and Australia including The Auckland Philharmonic, The NZ Symphony Orchestra, The National Youth Orchestra and the NZ Trio. Her film music has been heard in the New Zealand International Film Festival and many overseas festivals. In 2011, Claire collaborated on scores for Red Leap Theatre, the Auckland Theatre Company, and Thread Theatre Co, of which she is a founding member. Claire's TV Scoring credits include "What Really Happened: Waitangi", "Billy" and "What Really Happened: The Women's Vote". She is director of ''The Blackbird Ensemble'' and cellist in alt-country band 'Toad.'

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