Harp Tuition by Helen Webby

Helen is passionate about spreading the magic of the harp far and wide, and enjoys teaching people of all ages, and on all sizes of harps. Highly qualified and experienced with a Masters degree in Harp and Music Teaching, she founded the Christchurch Harp Orchestra in 2010.
Contact Helen directly to make a lesson time for each term.
Fee for 30 minute lesson: $30
Lessons are invoiced at the start of each term, and there are usually 8 lessons in each term.
Term 4 starts 13 October
For a one off 60 minute lesson, fee is $65.
For lessons outside of Christchurch, fee for 60 minute lesson is $65. Helen teaches once a month in Dunedin, and is available for Skype lessons.
Helen has a limited number of small harps available for hire. These harps can give people a chance to try the instrument out, and are available on a short term basis.

Christchurch Harp Orchestra

As well as her sought-after individual tuition, Helen formed and leads the The Christchurch Harp Orchestra, a group of 20 harpers from the city of Christchurch, New Zealand.  The Orchestra plays harps of all shapes and sizes and all kinds of music - Celtic to classical to contemporary... and beyond!

Arrangements are by Helen Webby to involve "harpies" of all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced players. 

Helen Webby

Helen Webby is Principal Harp with the Christchurch Symphony and one of New Zealand's foremost and accomplished harpists. An experienced teacher, she offers individual tuition from beginner to advanced levels.

Read Helen's biography

Selected concert reviews
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