Anthony Ritchie: Angels Flow

“When I wrote Angels Flow for Helen Webby, I imagined a parallel between the sound of harp music and the movement of spirits, or angels. In some cultures, such as Maori culture, the sounds produced by instruments have spiritual properties. I would like to believe music taps into a part of the mind that transcends the here and now, and puts us in touch with imaginary, spiritual worlds. In this piece the flowing movements of the angels are unpredictable, capricious and playful. The gradual modal changes through the piece find rest at the end, as the music finally descends into the lower register of the harp.”
Anthony Ritchie is one of New Zealand’s foremost composers, with over 160 works. 11 CDs of his music have been released, most recently A Bugle Will Do (2012) recorded by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. His work is increasingly played overseas, with recent performances by The Swedish Chamber Orchestra and the choir Aquarius, from Belgium. Anthony is Associate Professor in the Music Department at the University of Otago, Dunedin.

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